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Target Vocabulary UNIT 7 „SUPPLY and DEMAND“


Target Vocabulary UNIT 7 „SUPPLY and DEMAND“

Local currency

to keep trade within a community

to build a sense of local identity

to become self-sufficient

to buy local services and goods

to be paid partly

trade exchange

take advantage of the service by doing smth

to pay interest on credit from a bank

to swap things without money=barter

to ask for money=charge a fee

things that cost money=goods

money that you arrange to borrow from a bank=credit

very different from each other=diverse

outstrip=become bigger than smth

trader=smb who buys and sells things

profit=the money that you make when you sell smth

demand outstripped supply

to become attractive to investors

to sell shares

to crash (market)

bubble economy years

interest rates go down

to lend money to companies

share prices rise dramatically

to give loans to smb




behavioural experiments

to attend to specific needs

to use observations as a basis for

motivation training

to understand customer needs

self-actualisation=realization of one’s full potential



to swap/swapping

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