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Organization for voluntary actions


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Through the project we hope

For local people

-Knows and understands other cultures

-Get help and solidarity on their social issues from volunteers

-Get new ideas & energy from young international volunteers

For volunteers

-Understand Korean culture

-Learn to respect the different culture between volunteers and locals

-Learn active attitude toward responsibility for the environment, youth and society

We wish to draw your attention to our program, LOng-term Volunteer Experience in Korea. There have been about 366 international volunteers who have participated in LOVE Korea program from 38 countries all over the world since 2003.

LOVE Korea is a program to generate great synergy between volunteer and local community in Korea by doing various activities related social development that improve life in and around of each projects and education that improve English skills and intercultural understanding of local children and local people.

There are 3 main spots as project site that include community, alternative school and local children center. Each project has a theme and purpose and itЎЇs vary from project by project and volunteers can make a valuable contribution in many different facets of social, environment, agriculture and kid & youth education development projects in and around the project site.

Through LOVE Korea program volunteers will make a difference by taking part in our program for 3 months. Volunteers can make a valuable contribution for youth and local communities that local children improved their English skills and promoted global mind through inter-cultural learning from and various experiences with foreign volunteers. In the meantime, LOVE Korea program is a great opportunity for volunteers to understand Korea and Korean culture and immerse themselves in the local culture.

We would like to invite active volunteers to take part in LOVE Korea program on 2013 organized for 63 volunteers, 24 projects in 11 local communities. We are looking forward to meeting motivated and active volunteers from all over the world for the year of 2013!

LetЎЇs make Better World TOGETHER!!

Ґ±. Host Organization

Organization for voluntary actions

International Workcamp Organization is a non-profit and non-governmental organization established in 1999 to promote Peace and Development, Citizenship and Youth Empowerment through inter-cultural exchange and international volunteering. We are an executive community member of CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) at UNESCO, Paris and a member of NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia). We are also a member of Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations.

Hereby we would like to introduce our mother organization called Better World. Better Worldcontributes to the sustainable global society through international development and cooperation while also educating youth as global citizens and developing their competence through global action.

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