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Disclaimers: This story has instances of women getting it on, sometimes a bit more graphically than I’m used to writing. Don’t blame me, it’s the characters fault . 5 страничка


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“I think that part of the problem was he was already dehydrated from drinking the night before. They found an empty bottle of Jack Daniels beside him, so there's no telling how much he drank. Luckily he's fine, now. He even refused to go to the hospital.”

“That's not very smart.”

Paula nodded. “We are talking about Rob, you know.” She leaned in closer. “But that's not the worst of it.”

Rebecca was getting tired of the cloak and dagger routine. “Just tell me, please.”

“They think that your new little friend Shelby might have something to do with it.”


“Because of the circumstances. She was seen arguing with him last night. As a matter of fact, she was the last person that was seen with him, period.” Paula pulled Rebecca into the barn area. “I'm so sorry I didn't seriously warn you about her, Rebecca. But I honestly didn't think she would be dangerous.”

Pulling her arm free, Rebecca backed away from Paula. “Do you think so, too? Is there any real proof?”

Paula shushed her. “Quiet! If she's around somewhere, one of us could be next!”

Rebecca didn't care. “What have you been smoking? You know as much as I do that Shelby wouldn't hurt anyone.”

“Tell that to everyone else,” Paula told her, before walking away.


TIRED OF THE constant whisperings behind her back, Shelby kept to herself the remainder of the afternoon. By the time of the evening performance, all she wanted to do was finish her ride. Her draw was actually one of the better bulls, and she figured she had a good chance of not only lasting the ride, but winning a part of the purse.

She was fourth this evening, and waited patiently by as the other female riders took their turns. Only one was able to stay on the required six seconds, leaving her with even better odds, if she could stay on.

When Shelby started to climb over the chute, several of the men climbed down, leaving her with only two people to help her get ready for the ride. “Thanks, guys.”

Muttered curses were her only answer, so it took longer than normal for her to get her bull rope just as she wanted it. With her left arm on the chute gate, Shelby nodded. The gate started to open, hung up, then opened all the way. Confused, the bull paused, spun out into the arena, and snorted his disgust with the way things were done.

Shelby hung on with all her might as the bull spun first one way then the other, then decided to leap up and pull his head way down. Just after the buzzer sounded, the bull flipped forward headfirst into the dirt, causing his rider to roll underneath.

The crowd sat silent as Shelby lay motionless on the dirt floor of the arena. The clowns slowly maneuvered the bull out of the arena, but no one came out to see if the rider herself was injured. Finally, the ambulance drove out onto the dirt, just as Shelby sat up. She looked around, and, realizing where she was, climbed shakily to her feet. The announcer stated that she was the second place winner, and the multitude that had been so quiet before was now on its feet, cheering her.

Embarrassed, Shelby raised her hand as she walked over and picked up her hat. She waved it in the air, and hurried out as quickly as her unsteady feet could carry her.


REBECCA FOUND A seat close to the chutes to watch the bull riding event. She waited impatiently as the other riders took their turns, and was silently glad when several of them didn't last the required six seconds. She spotted Paula and Buddy near the chutes, and waved to the couple.

When it was finally Shelby's turn, Rebecca couldn't understand why it was taking so long for her to get ready. Then she noticed the men who normally helped at the chutes climb down and walk away.

She exchanged glances with Paula, who shrugged her shoulders.

Before Buddy could get over to the chute, it opened, and the ride was on. Rebecca watched in horror as the bull rolled over on Shelby. She jumped from her seat and rushed to the pen area, where a security guard stopped her.

“I'm sorry, Miss. You can't be back here.” The big man looked apologetic, but wasn't moving. His uniform was that of a sheriff's deputy, and he seemed to be working the rodeo on his day off.

“Please, I have to go check on my friend. She was the woman who was riding that last bull.”

He shook his head. “Only authorized rodeo personnel can be here. I don't see your pass.”

“My pass expired yesterday,” Rebecca admitted. “But I still need to check on my friend.”

He crossed his arms over his chest and glowered at her. “No can do. Now why don't you go back to your seat and enjoy the rest of the rodeo?”


“She's with me, Alvin,” Paula interrupted. She had seen Rebecca leave the stands, and knew where she would be heading. “Why don't you let me take it from here?”

Alvin smiled at her. “All right. But keep her out of trouble.”

“I sure will.” Paula rubbed her hand across his back. “Thanks, hon.” She took Rebecca by the arm and led her away from the guard. “In trouble again, are you?”

“No.” Rebecca rushed away, with Paula barely keeping up. “I've got to see about Shelby. Did you see what that bull did to her?”

Paula followed for a few steps. “I did. But I also saw her get up on her own and leave the arena.” She stopped and watched as Rebecca rushed away.


Behind the pens, Shelby was met by Rebecca. “Are you all right?”

“I'm fine.” Shelby pushed by her, upset that she was left lying in the dirt by her supposed peers. No, what you're pissed off about is that Rebecca is just now checking up on you.

“Are you sure? I'm only asking because you were down for a long time. I kept trying to get by security, but they wouldn't let me through until Paula told them I was with her.”

The thought that Rebecca had tried to help her made Shelby feel a little better, but not much. “Don't worry about it. I'm okay.”

Rebecca wanted to brush the dust off the back of Shelby's white shirt, but stopped her hand before she touched her. “I guess this shows that you're not behind all the accidents, if something like that gate hanging up happened to you.”

“No, that was just the gate man. He's a friend of Rob's. I figure, wait. You think I've had something to do with everything around here?”

“Well, not exactly. I mean, Paula said—”

Shelby turned on her heel and started to leave. “And of course that busybody is more dependable than I am, right? After all, I'm just some has-been bull rider who sleeps with a different woman every chance she gets.”

Rebecca grabbed Shelby's arm. “Wait. That's not it at all. But since you're being so defensive, are you behind any of this?”

“I might as well be, since you and everyone else seems to think so.” Shelby walked away, hurt by the accusation.

Now what do I do? The only answer that seemed right to Rebecca would have been wrong to anyone else – she followed Shelby.


HOT TEARS BURNED her eyes as Shelby stomped out into the evening, and she wiped at them angrily. She had never been so mad in her entire life. It was bad enough that the people she had known for years had turned against her, but she honestly thought that she and Rebecca were starting to build a foundation for a good friendship, at the very least.

Her heart was heavy and her body ached. She unlocked the door to her trailer and went inside, not bothering to close it behind her. Throwing her gear on the floor, she reached into the tiny refrigerator and was disappointed to come up empty. She sat on the bed then lay down and stretched her legs out. A discreet knock on the outside of the trailer caught her attention. “What?”

“Can I come in?” Rebecca looked almost as upset as Shelby felt.

“Are you going to blame me for anything else?”


“Then I guess you can.” Shelby didn't bother getting up, but she did move her feet so that Rebecca would have a place to sit.

Rebecca looked around the tiny trailer. It was clean, but there wasn't much room. She couldn't believe that someone actually lived in something like this. “I'm sorry if I upset you.”

Shelby covered her face with one arm, trying to appear relaxed. “Do you really believe what they're saying about me?”

“I don't want to, Shelby. It's just—”

“It's just what? You chase around, acting like you want to be my friend. Then when things get the least bit rough, you bail on me?” Shelby stood up and went to a pan that was in the sink to wash her face. Once she was done, she didn't even bother to dry it, but let the water drip down her cheeks instead. “If that's the kind of friend you are, then no thanks.”

Rebecca shook her head and started to cry. “No, please! I do want to believe you. But, you have to admit, a lot of things point toward you.”

“But a friend wouldn't have to ask,” Shelby explained quietly.

“I know, and I'm sorry.” Rebecca held out her hand. “Truce?” When Shelby didn't take her hand, she tried to change the subject. “So, is there where you live all the time?”

“Yeah. I know it's kind of small, but it works okay for me.” Except that she had to use the showers at truck stops and use public restrooms, but she didn't feel the need to tell Rebecca all of that.

“Small? Well, I guess it is. I think Patches stable is bigger,” Rebecca tried to tease. Seeing the expression on Shelby's face, she knew she had failed.

Shelby walked to the door. “I'd like for you to leave, please, before I do or say something I shouldn't.”

Rebecca stood. “I'm sorry, Shelby. I didn't mean—”

“Sure you did. I bet I'm just one big joke to you, aren't I?” Shelby waited until Rebecca was off the steps and on the gravel. “Go back to your own life, Rebecca, and leave me to wallow in my own.” She closed the door firmly, hoping to shut the other woman out of her life just as easily.


REBECCA WANDERED AROUND the campgrounds after being kicked out of Shelby's trailer. She couldn't believe she kept opening her mouth and saying such horrible things to the woman, when all she really wanted to do was be her friend. Mom would say I wasn't raised to be that way, and she's right. She bent down and picked up a discarded soda can, then tossed it in the trash. Now I've just got to figure a way to make up for it.

She smiled and waved at a few people who recognized her from the rodeo, and even signed an autograph or two. Rebecca was surprised that anyone would want her signature on something, but seeing the thrill it gave them outweighed her embarrassment.

“Looks like someone's popular,” Fred Tanner scoffed. He had been walking by when he saw the group gather round Rebecca, and was curious as to whom they were seeking. “It sure didn't take you long.”

“I don't know what you're talking about.” Rebecca gave her attention to the children around her legs. “How many of you have ridden a horse before?” she asked, hoping the man would take the hint and go away.

Several small hands went up, while others looked on sadly. “If you haven't, that's okay. I didn't start riding until I was a teenager,” Rebecca whispered loudly. The sad faces disappeared, and were replaced by hopefulness. Rebecca looked over to where Fred had stood, and was relieved to see he had left. She answered several more questions for the children, before they moved on with their parents.

Rebecca hadn't gone very far when Fred stepped up to walk beside her. “I saw you coming out of Fisher's trailer. Do you think that's a very wise choice?”

“What are you talking about?”

“She's trash, girl. It's best you know that now.” Fred tipped his hat to several young women who waved to him as he walked with Rebecca. “I've never known her to have more than two nickels to rub together. She's lived in that damned piece of shit trailer her whole life, and I know for a fact she doesn't have much of an education. Not to mention all the women she's been with.”

“So? What is it you're really trying to say?” Rebecca wanted to ask him if being a clown that reeked of stale bourbon was any better, but wisely decided to keep quiet.

Fred put his hand on her elbow to appear solicitous, but did it mainly to keep her from getting away from him. “Just stay away from the bitch, that's all I have to say. You'll be much better off for it.” He released her arm and stormed off.

“Why couldn't I have taken up a safer hobby, like sky diving?” Rebecca asked herself out loud. The glamour of the rodeo was gone, and was replaced by too many dramas to keep track of. “This is just getting to be too much.”

Chapter 12

THE NEXT EVENING, with the rodeo officially over, quite a few of the contestants who traveled planned on staying to enjoy the fair. Shelby would normally be out with the rest of them, but all the talking behind her back made her want to stay in her trailer instead.

She sipped on a warm beer and stared at the ceiling of her trailer when a knock on the door brought her out of her reverie. “What?” The knock came again, this time more insistent. “Damn it, who is it?” On the third knock, Shelby got off the bed and swung the door open.

Standing in front of the door was Rebecca, holding a single yellow rose. “I was hoping you'd be home.” She held out the flower to Shelby, who took it as if she'd never seen one before. “I came by to see if you would go to the fair with me.”

“Like a date?” Shelby asked, completely surprised. She wasn't expecting to see Rebecca again, especially after the way she treated her the day before.

The question threw her off guard for a moment, but Rebecca recovered quickly. “Yes. A date.” She crooked her arm and held it out to Shelby. “May I?”

“Oh yeah, sure.” Shelby started to join her, but looked down at the gray tee shirt she was wearing. It had a ketchup stain from her hotdog lunch. “Would it be okay if I,” she gestured to the shirt.

Rebecca nodded. “I'll just wait out here.”

The door closed, and Shelby looked around the trailer frantically. “Clean shirt, clean shirt! I've got to have a damned cleaned shirt in this place, somewhere!”

Outside, Rebecca could hear the entire conversation that Shelby had with herself, and she covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

When the door opened again, Shelby stood in it wearing a navy blue western shirt, and she was still tucking it into her jeans as she hurried down the steps. “Thanks for waiting. I just didn't want,” she felt like a babbling fool, but couldn't help herself. Since Rebecca showed up in sneakers and jeans, Shelby left her cowboy hat inside.

Rebecca handed her the flower again. “Do you have something you can put this in? It will last longer if it's in water.”

“Oh, yeah.” Shelby took the flower and disappeared into the trailer for a minute, then hurried back out. “I poured out what was left of my beer, and filled the bottle with water. It worked perfectly.”

“Good idea.” Rebecca wanted to laugh, but dared not to. Only Shelby would think of using a beer bottle as a vase, and it the thought charmed Rebecca. She linked her arm with Shelby's. “Let's go see what kind of trouble we can get into.”


THE WALK TO the fairgrounds wasn't far. Shelby wanted to reach out and take Rebecca's hand, but knew that due to where they were, it probably wouldn't be very wise. That, and she was afraid her attempt would be rebuffed, even though the other woman had asked her out. Out of desperation more than anything, she decided to start the conversation. “So, tell me about your family.”

Rebecca wanted to tell Shelby that she would have already met her parents if she wasn't such a coward, but changed her mind. “My mom and dad have lived in the same house since they were married twenty-eight years ago, and I have a younger brother, Terry, who's nineteen and thinks he knows everything. He still lives at home, while he's going to the community college.”

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

Shelby bumped Rebecca with her shoulder. “Where do you live, did you or do you go to school, that sort of thing. I'd like to know everything I can about you.”

“Are you writing a book, or something?”

“No, just curious.” Truth was, Shelby normally didn't care anything about the women she was with. But with Rebecca, it felt different. “What was it like for you growing up?”

“Okay. Well, I live in a small apartment above some stables, outside the other side of town. I work for the stables part time, to pay for Patches' stall, and my apartment. I also work full time at the only western wear store in the county, so I stay pretty busy. I never felt the need to go to college, because to tell you the truth, it just wasn't something I wanted to do with four years of my life.”

Hearing about Rebecca's take on college made Shelby feel better about her lack of education. She knew she wasn't stupid, but it was nice to know not everyone went to college and had a degree. “I dropped out of high school when I was sixteen,” she admitted quietly.

Rebecca shrugged her shoulders. “Did that work for you?”

“At the time, yeah.”

“Then don't worry about it. You can always go back and get your diploma, if you want.”

The thought of being stuck in a classroom with kids horrified Shelby. “I'm not setting foot back in a school! Those people would laugh me right out onto the street.”

“You don't have to do that anymore. There are classes you can take through the mail, or even study for the test online.”


“The internet?” Rebecca queried. “Oh, right. I don't suppose you'd have much use for the internet with all the traveling you do.” She also didn't think that Shelby had the money to invest in something as frivolous as a computer. Rebecca only had one because her parents thought she would use it for school, instead for everything but.

“I've heard of it, just never really gave it much thought,” Shelby admitted. “But I could really get my diploma without going to school?”

Rebecca hip-checked her, playing around to keep the conversation light. “That's right. You'd still have to study for the test, and maybe take a course or two. But I'd be glad to help.”

Shelby almost opened her mouth to accept Rebecca's offer, when she realized where and who she was. “The next rodeo is down around Houston, next month. I won't have time.”

“Skip it.”

Could she? “I don't know, Rebecca. If I skip that one, I might as well skip Wichita the month after that.” The two rodeos had excellent purses, and Shelby knew she had a good chance of making enough money through one or the other to last her for several months.

Rebecca linked her arm with Shelby's, not caring who saw. “So? You won a good purse this time. Use it.”

“Let me think on it, okay?” This was all moving too quickly for Shelby, who liked to think things through meticulously. She let Rebecca lead her to a ticket booth at the carnival entrance, and was set to argue when Rebecca paid for their tickets.

“You can buy dinner.”

Shelby nodded. She knew she wouldn't be able to win, so she took the loss as gracefully as possible. “And I'll buy the next tickets, too.”


“No arguments.” When Rebecca stuck her tongue out at her, Shelby wanted to lean over and show her just what to do with it. “You're playing with fire, woman.”

“So? I've always liked things a little ‘hot',” Rebecca teased. She ran her tongue around her slightly opened lips. “Just wait. It'll get even hotter before the night is over.”

Oh, God.


SEVERAL TIMES DURING the evening, Rebecca would say or do something that would set Shelby's libido on fire, then put a slight damper on it. She would rub up against her, whisper in her ear, or touch her when no one was looking. Poor Shelby felt as if she would combust at any moment.

They walked through one of the nearly-empty exhibit halls and Shelby had enough. She grabbed Rebecca by the hand, pulled her behind a partition, and sat in a chair.

Rebecca found herself sitting on Shelby's lap, their faces inches apart. The dark eyes so close to hers were sparkling with need, and she lowered her head and covered Shelby's lips with her own.

There was nothing gentle about the kiss, as one had wanted it as badly as the other. Shelby felt Rebecca's tongue demand entry, and she quickly granted it, moaning when Rebecca tangled her fingers in her hair and pulled her face even closer. Shelby cupped Rebecca's rear, bringing her nearer so that their breasts were touching.

Finally breaking her mouth free to breathe, Rebecca put her forehead down on Shelby's shoulder. “Damn, but you're good at that.” Now she knew for certain that she wasn't straight. As if I needed any help in that department.

Shelby kept rubbing Rebecca's back. “Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you.” She looked around to make sure they hadn't been seen. “Would you like to look around some more?”

“I don't know about you, but it's going to take me a minute to be able to walk after that.”

“I can wait. Or,” Shelby winked playfully, “we can neck.”

“Hmm. Now that's a tough choice.” Rebecca placed her arms around Shelby's neck and kissed her again, more gently but with just as much need.

“Oh, my God! How utterly disgusting,” a woman tsked from nearby. “I think I may faint.”

Rebecca hurriedly climbed off Shelby's lap, blushing. She was mortified they got caught, but Shelby seemed to enjoy it.

“Lady, maybe you just need to get laid,” Shelby told the woman as they passed. “I'll be here through Sunday, if you need me.” She winked at the woman, who practically swooned in shock.

Outside, Rebecca slapped Shelby on the arm. “That was mean.”

“It sure was, interrupting us like that.” She couldn't tell if Rebecca was upset or embarrassed. “Are you okay with what she saw?”

“To tell you the truth, I'm not sure. This is all pretty new to me.”

“We can take it as slow as you need to, Rebecca. There's no hurry.”

“Thanks.” Rebecca reached out and took Shelby's hand. “That means a lot to me.”

Shelby almost floated from the sensation of Rebecca's hand in hers. That and the fact that the other woman hadn't run off screaming by now was a good sign, at least in her book. “Well, since I've got a diploma to get, I guess I'm not going anywhere for a while. That is, if you're still willing to help me.”

Rebecca swung herself into an unsuspecting Shelby's arms. “That's wonderful! I've got a computer back at my apartment, and I'll be glad to help you download what you need.”


“Just another weird term. You'll understand them all in no time, believe me.”

Shelby wasn't as sure, but she trusted Rebecca. “If you say so.” She was glad when Rebecca linked arms with her again. “What's next?”

“How about the carnival midway? I love those.” Rebecca could have bitten her tongue as soon as the words left her mouth. How insensitive can I be? Her mother left to be with a carnival worker. “We don't have to, though, if you don't want to.”

“No, that's fine. Maybe we can find another place to scandalize someone.” Shelby loved the blush that colored Rebecca's face. “Come on. You look like the type that can win me a teddy bear.”

They spent well over an hour walking the small midway, and Rebecca had not only won Shelby a teddy bear, but a bull-shaped coin bank as well. They would often sneak around to the back of a tent and share short, but searing kisses, making both women weak in the knees.

As they passed one of the tents, Shelby noticed an older woman who looked vaguely familiar. No, that would be close to impossible. But she had memorized that small picture her father had saved of her mother, which he had cut from a discarded rodeo program. The man had been a hopeless romantic. And a hopeless drunk. It was one of the many reasons that Shelby herself would only drink beer, and limit herself to three at any one time. She refused to turn into her father, no matter what others might think of her. Now she was staring across the midway at a woman who might or might not be her mother.

“What's the matter?” Rebecca asked, when Shelby stopped and stared. “Do you think,”

Shelby shook her head. “No. My mother died for me 23 years ago. If that woman did give birth to me, she left me behind for a reason.” When Rebecca started to argue, Shelby held up her hand. “I don't want her to ruin our night, okay? Let's go get a funnel cake, and see how big a mess we can make on each other.”

“Sounds like fun to me.”


THEY HAD STAYED until the carnival started to shut down, and walked back to Shelby's trailer holding hands. The large parking lot which had been home to so many during the last few weeks was almost vacant. Shelby stopped at the foot of her trailer's stairs. “Thanks for a great time tonight. I can't remember ever having that much fun.”

“Well, it might have to do with how much you ate,” Rebecca teased. “I'm guessing that you have a hollow leg, or something, since you're not much bigger than me, and a heck of a lot skinnier.”

“I happen to think you're built perfectly. Don't ever think otherwise.”

Rebecca looked at her feet. “I've always felt a little fat, if you want to know the truth.”

“You? Damn, woman. You're about the most un-fat person I've ever seen. As a matter of fact, you're beautiful.” Shelby put her arms around Rebecca's waist and pulled her close. “Absolutely beautiful.” She leaned forward and kissed Rebecca tenderly, trying to instill in actions what her words couldn't.

The tingling sensation of Shelby's kiss wasn't lost on Rebecca, who suddenly knew exactly what she wanted. She broke away and looked into Shelby's eyes. “Let's go inside.”

“Are you sure? Because I don't think—”

“I'm very sure.” Rebecca kissed Shelby again. “I'm a big girl, Shelby. I know what I want, and what I want is you.”

Shelby led her into the trailer and turned on the light. “Is this okay?” For the first time in her life, she was nervous about taking a woman to bed. Maybe it's because for the first time in your life, this woman means something to you. She saw the dirty shirt that she had hastily left on the kitchenette counter and picked it up. “Let me just get rid of this,” she muttered, tossing it in the bathroom.

Rebecca sat on the bed and held out her arms. “Come here.” She watched with some amusement as a very nervous Shelby made her way across the small trailer. “Kiss me.”

“Okay.” Shelby sat on the bed and took Rebecca in her arms. The first kiss they shared was filled with hope and longing, which grew into need and passion. Shelby felt herself being pushed back onto the bed, and her shirt removed from her body. Once her shirt was removed, she felt Rebecca's hands at her belt.

Struggling with the buckle, Rebecca could only growl, “Off, off!” When Shelby helped her unbuckle the belt, it didn't take long for Rebecca to unsnap and unzip Shelby's jeans. She pulled the denim down slender legs, feeling the muscles for the first time. It was only when she got to the boots that Rebecca knew she was going to need some help, since Shelby's pants were bunched down around them. “Shelby, please!”

“Calm down, baby. We've got plenty of time.” Shelby sat up and helped with her boots and jeans, leaving her in just a sports bra and panties. She looked to Rebecca, who was still fully dressed. “I think you're wearing too many clothes, darlin'.”

Rebecca looked down at herself and grinned. “Your turn.” She dove onto the bed and held out her arms. “Strip me as you will, expert.”

Shelby laughed at her. “All right. You asked for it.” She straddled Rebecca's waist and leaned over to kiss the other woman soundly, until Rebecca began to squirm. While she kissed her, she pulled Rebecca's tee shirt out of her jeans and ran her hands up underneath it, raising it from her body. Shelby broke the kiss just long enough to slip the shirt over Rebecca's head, then tossed the garment to the floor. She ran light kisses over the other woman's chest, causing Rebecca's nipples to harden underneath her white silk brassiere.

“Shelby, oh!” The few clumsy times she had been with men were uneventful, and already Rebecca felt more than she had all those times combined.

“Just wait. It gets better.” Shelby quickly removed Rebecca's shoes and jeans, and was about to slide the straps down on Rebecca's bra, when her hand was covered.

“Can you turn out the light?” No matter what Shelby had told Rebecca, she was still embarrassed about her body. Anyone else would have seen a beautiful woman with curves in all the right places, but Rebecca had spent too many years hearing about “baby fat.”

Shelby looked down at her with love in her eyes. “Sure, baby. Hold on.” She kissed Rebecca on the tip of the nose and got up, switching off the light. The outside lights from the parking lot were more than enough to see by, for which Shelby was grateful. She'd had her share of “dates” that she'd rather have kept the light off, but this certainly wasn't one of them. When she got back into bed, she noticed that Rebecca had crawled under the sheets. “Are you all right? We don't have to,” her mouth was quickly covered by Rebecca's.

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