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Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing


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Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing


Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing


1. Diode

2. Headlight Lead Connector (High Beam)

3. Clamp

4. City Light

5. Headlight Lead Connector (Low Beam)

6. Starter Relay

7. Band

8. Throttle Cables

9. Clutch Cable

10. Handlebar Switch Lead Connector (Right)

11. Headlight, City Light, Right Turn Signal Light and Meter Leads

12. Radiator Fan Motor

13. Route the throttle cables under the main harness.

14. Battery Positive (+) Lead

15. Starter Motor Lead (Route it between the air cleaner housing and frame through the front of the

air cleaner housing.)

16. Rear Brake Light Switch

17. Insert the igniter cover into the battery holder bracket.

18. Speedometer Cable

19. Guide (Run the meter cable through the guide.)

20. Route the clutch cable inside of the frame.

21. Ignition Coil (Right)

22. Guide (Run the speedometer cable through the guide)

23. Drain tube shall not lap with the rear brake light switch.

24. Drain Tube

1. Ignition Switch Lead

2. Handlebar Switch Lead (Right)

3. Handlebar Switch Lead (Left)

4. Fix the connector with bracket (5).

5. Bracket

6. Meter Leads

7. Insert the connector to arrow direction.

8. to Headlight

9. Diode Connector

10. Front Right Turn Signal Light

11. Front Left Turn Signal Light

12. Left handlebar switch terminal shall be connected under the bracket

A. View from A

B. View from under the upper fairing.

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