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Do not use compressed air on an assembled car­buretor, or the floats may be crushed by the pres­sure, and the vacuum piston diaphragms may be damaged. Remove as many rubber or plastic parts from the carburetor as possible before cleaning the carburetor with a cleaning solution. This will pre­vent damage to or deterioration of the parts. The carburetor body has plastic parts that cannot be re­moved. Do not use a strong carburetor cleaning so­lution which could attack these parts; instead, use a mild, high flash-point cleaning solution safe for plastic parts. Do not use wire or any other hard in­strument to clean carburetor parts, especially jets, as they may be damaged.

• Disassemble the carburetors.

• Immerse all the metal parts in a carburetor cleaning solu­tion.

• Rinse the parts in water.

• When the parts are clean, dry them with compressed air.

• Blow through the air and fuel passages with compressed air. Assemble the carburetors.

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Carburetor Inspection


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