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In a nutshell


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Major Reed, in a nutshell, we start from A, and we hope we find out everything we need before we get to Z.

in the long run

в конечном счёте
Courage is more exhilarating than fear and in the long run, it is easier.

in any event

в любом случае
In any event, his was the only ship to do it and I believe he lost fifty percent of his crew.

At first

Ok, so, sure, it sounds like a fairly good idea, at first.

In any case

в любом случае
In any case, when hacking or computer skills are needed, Ed is there.

Lay it on the line

говорить начистоту
I'm gonna go in there, march straight up to the manager, look at him straight in the eye, lay it on the line, and - I can't do it!

That is to say

иначе говоря
That is to say, we know things we don’t know anything about.

that's flat

и всё! (окончательное решение)
You can't go and that's flat!

Let alone

не говоря уж о

Davids sister would have never kissed Jack, let alone in public.

For one thing

первым делом

Well, for one thing, so you can stop taking out your rage on innocent .

To say the truth

по правде сказать

Although to say the truth, I am convinced within myself that your father had no idea of your giving them money.

At a glance

с первого взгляда
But at a glance, the car will appear to be normal.

As a matter of fact

собственно говоря
As a matter of fact, since you hired Mary Poppins, the most extraordinary thing seems to have come over the household.

Универсальные фразы для разговора

So that

так, чтобы
Tania says so that every one may hear: "I love him!"

So as to

так, чтобы
The enemy used to stick spikes pointed upward, and dipped in shit so as to cause serious infections, in paths leading through the jungle.

So... as to

But was their crime so great as to merit a death sentence?

That is why

Yes, that is why I called you; I thought perhaps I might be able to negotiate for better accommodations.

By way of

через / наподобие, так как
It's come to you by way of Virginia. / More pacers are delivered to each desk intermittently by way of pneumatic tube. / Ned rolls over to go to sleep and says something kind by way of saying goodnight. /

Now that

так как, пока, раз уж
And now that he's gone, why do I keep doing it? Is this what I really want?

by all means / by any means

любым способом
If you wish her dead, by all means keep moving forward.

By no means

никаким образом
For the genetically superior, success is easier to attain but is by no means guaranteed.

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