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Трудности перевода функциональных слов


Читать реферат для студентов

2.Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на перевод форм с окончанием –ing.

1. After finishing the experiment, we wrote down the results. 2. Measuring resistance is necessary in many experiments. 3. He displayed great skill in designing this building. 4. After returning to Moscow he resumed his work. 5. Studying this phenomenon in detail the engineer established an interesting peculiarity (особенность). 6. The building housing the laboratory will soon be built.

3.Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на перевод форм с окончанием –ed.

1. The question discussed at the last meeting is of a great importance. 2. The plans proposed did not meet the requirements of our plant. 3. The methods used depended upon the material selected. 4. This plan provided for the fulfillment of all assignments in time. 5. Provided this students work hard they will be able to solve this problem.

4.Переведите текст, обращая внимание на перевод форм с окончанием “–ing” и ”–ed”.

Robot building.

Robot building has become a rather large sphere in our days. Industrial robots are devices which can replace man in performing many functions formerly performed by human hands. Not all types of manual (ручной) labour can be automated by using traditional technical means. But robots, having mechanical hands and equipped with controlled drivers (привод) and systems are capable of doing a wide range of work performed by human hands. By freeing man from routine physical work robots greatly changed the content of labour. Several thousands industrial robots are now operating at enterprises. Not only industrial robots but robotized production complexes are now being built. Robots of the second and third generation have been developed. The third generation intellectual robotshave a better means for sensing, for appraising (оценивать) the situation, and for processing (обрабатывать) information.

Многофункциональность it, that, one.

5.Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на выделенные слова.

1. This is a very urgent case and we will discuss it immediately.

2. It is not an easy task to overcome the power of the planet.

3. I find it necessary to look through these articles.

4. That man is always in time for his work.

5. The scientists have learnt that numerous minerals are being formed in the sea bottom.

6. We found the data that are necessary for our research.

7. This machine is more powerful than that operating in our shop.

8. One can see the widest application of plastics both in everyday life and industry.

9. The first plane piloted in the history of civilization was one designed by Alexander Mozhaisky.

Многофункциональность служебных слов since, as, for.

6.Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на выделенные слова.

1. My friend works at a plant as an engineer.

2. As our professor was speaking of the history of computers, he mentioned P. Z. Chebyshev.

3. As the ordinary business adding machine has special equipment inside it, it can store information.

4. Progressive people everywhere in the world must fight for peace.

5. Yesterday we heard an interesting lecture which was arranged for the students.

6. We have been working at this problem for about a year.

7. Our lecturer left for Moscow and we have never seen him since.

8. Since the beginning of the 40s the computing technique has started to develop successfully.

9. The machines could not operating since there were no reliable and accurate electrical equipment at that time.

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